Friday, December 07, 2018

Mosienko penis strength competetion

penis strength competetion

The Ukrainian weightlifting team today proved that gambling does pay. The duo took a huge risk in this year's games by letting Bubka increase her weight over the summer to an impressive 65kg. However, lifter Mosienko showed little visible strain as he held her new weighty frame with a hands-free hold that won maximum points from the judges for both length and style

The video opens with what appears to be two athletes walking through a crowd. The voice over tells us, in an Olympic Commentator style, that the two, Mosienko and Bubka, are from the Ukraine and hope to win the event. As they walk up to the stage you notice that they don't appear to be wearing pants. The girl, Bubka, "mounts" her partner Mosienko and then lets go appearing to be held in place by Mosienko's ... "member". They hold the pose for 3 sec to victory and the crowd goes wild waving Ukranian flags as Mosienko and Bubka take gold for sport of "Pelvic Power Lifting".

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